5 Top Tips for Advertising Your YouTube Channel

Advertising Your YouTube Channel – If you have actually an on the internet business, among the best points you can do is take advantage of the power of video clips and produce a YouTube channel. If you can expand an effective YouTube channel, after that you’ll immediately notice an uptick in natural traffic for your website.

But how do you go about advertising your business channel on YouTube to obtain one of the most from the system? Here are some of the top tips for advertising your YouTube channel.

1. Optimize Your YouTube Content

Seo isn’t simply a strategy for driving more traffic to your website. SEO is also essential for your YouTube channel if you want your content to be discoverable in the browse positions. Make certain that you put appropriate keywords throughout your channel account, video clip titles and summaries, and in your tags and annotations.

You can try some of these best tools to increase your traffic SEO:

Google Trend

This tool was created by Google and can be accessed free of charge for you to do research related to trending topics that are in high demand before creating YouTube content.

In addition to knowing the topics that are being discussed a lot, Google Trend can also help you compare one topic to another so that it can provide a better picture of which topic.

To use google trend, you only need to type in the topic you want to search, specify YouTube searches, and narrow the search in the region and time column.

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VidlQ is a chrome extension application that allows you to rank your YouTube videos and learn how to optimize them.

Through this YouTube SEO tool, you will find out the level of audience engagement, hourly views, display duration, and even tell how likely it is for your video to enter the recommended video search section.

YouTube Analytics

If Google has Google Analytics, YouTube also has a built-in analytic tool called YouTube Analytics. This tool is very effective in finding out the strengths and weaknesses of your YouTube channel

Through this tool, you can find out how many new audiences have come and how many old audiences are returning to your channel, average viewing duration, most-watched videos, number of subscribers, number of views, how many audiences have shared the video, and so on. other.

The important thing you need to know is that the longer the viewing duration on your channel is, the better it is on YouTube Analytics. Feel free to use it because this tool is available for free on YouTube.


Almost the same as VidlQ’s tools, you can also install TubeBuddy via the Chrome extension. TubeBuddy can be used to check Video SEO and the data and research that needs to be done.

There are various features included in TubeBuddy including suggested tag tools, tag explorer, compare interesting thumbnails, animated GIF generator, click tracking special short links, export, and backup, share to Facebook, and more.


This YouTube SEO tool comes from Switzerland. Its function is almost the same as Google Trend to check keyword volume, but this tool is arguably more complete

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