Blogging Guide For Beginners, Read Here!

5. Be a Guest

Blogger: A meaningful guest blogger should write articles for other blogs by inserting a link to your own blog. Make sure the blog has a similar theme, for example, about fashion.

A large number of well-known blogs, of course, have good content. This is an excellent opportunity for novice bloggers to learn.

Besides that, you also have to analyze the domain authority first. It is important to reference a site through a search engine, such as Google.

6. Note a Good Introduction Good

Writing is what can make visitors read the first sentence. Next, create an introduction to connecting them with the rest of the themes in the article.

So, try not to make your introduction so long, just because it makes some readers bored.

Examples of exciting introductions, for instance, show the reader if you understand the problems encountered.

Thus, they will feel concerned. Say if there is a way out to deal with the problem and make the reader confident in the article’s content.

7. Get deep into SEO Foundation

This is a necessary level. As a blogger, deepen the foundation of knowledge regarding “Search Engine Optimization.”

Starting from the foundation on how to make writing friendly to crawlers and not dull readers.

You also have to understand SEO on Page. This is concerned with placing keywords in the title and using short URLs in an image.

SEO is not just about entering the right keywords, but having related words and phrases is unique.

8. Share Your Posts on Social Media

Blogging guide after that, share your posts to several social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest, and others.

It’s an easy step to promote your creation to bring in multiple visitors and readers.