Digital Product Pricing Strategies for More Sales

Customers do not want to get rid of their money unless they know they are obtaining great worth. So, offering a free test of your product is a great way to develop trust.

The Bonus Strategy

A smart sales strategy for digital items is the bonus technique. This basically involves consisting of a bonus item when the client purchases your product. Maybe a worksheet they can use or a free eBook.

When customers see bonus items offered, they are often a lot more most likely to purchase. It also means you can sneakily charge more for the product. You could actually integrate this with the tiered pricing strategy, offering extra rewards for an extra cost.

Psychological Pricing

Finally, another effective pricing strategy is psychological pricing. This consists of selling items that finish in 9 or 7. So, for instance, you could offer your product for $29.97. This would certainly appear a great deal better to a client than $30, despite there being hardly any distinction in the cost.


These are simply some of the top pricing strategies you can use to earn more sales. It is well worth attempting out various strategies to determine which works best for your particular items and client base.

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