Make money blogging only in your home

Can you make money blogging? Yes, you can make money blogging at home; it’s possible as long as you know how to start a blog and make money.

This article is suitable for those of you who want to do business on the Internet. You will learn blogging from scratch to make money blogging and general knowledge a blogger should know, especially if you are a beginner blogger. Please read this article until it runs out to start creating your blog.

Knowledge about the blog

1. What is a Blog?

According to Wikipedia, Blog is short for Weblog [1] is a form of a Web application, which is in the way of text on a web page (loaded as a post). Blogs are usually published in reverse order (newest content comes before long-range), although that is not always the case. In general, all internet users can visit the website according to the blog user’s subject and purpose.

Simply put, blogs are like an online diary or diary. A blog owner usually writes his notes (like a diary) into his blog. If visitors are online, they can see the work. 

Blog visitors can also comment on the blog owner’s posts or writings. Apart from writing, you can also add pictures, videos, and even upload files. In this way, blog visitors can download files to be loaded by the blog owner.

Blogs usually have several beneficial features for blog owners and visitors in the form of important information, and visitor replies based on their posts.

2. Types of blogs

Since the invention of blogs, blogs have grown, initially only personal, but now increasingly diverse. The following are the types of blogs from the many blogs on the Internet. You can make money from blogging according to your niche or interest. the following types of blogs you should know:

Political Blogs

Political blogs are blogs containing information about politics, both profiles, political campaigns, and propaganda.

Personal blogs

The personal blog is a blog owned by individuals who usually ran an article following the interests and hobbies owner of the blog

Blog stubs 

Topic blogs are devoted to discussing specific topics, such as photography, online business, programming, etc.


Blog Health blog is a blog about health information.


Blog A literary blog contains articles related to literature and art, both local, regional, national, and international.

Travel blog or Traveling

Travel Blog is a blog that discusses tourism information for traveling hobbyists.

Research or research blog

A research blog contains product surveys, problem analysis results, research, and research journals owned by individuals and research institutions, both private and government.

Legal Blog 

A legal blog is a blog that discusses legal and criminal cases.

Media blogs 

Media blog is a blog about the latest information on news media, both print and electronic.

Religious blog 

Religious blogs are blogs containing religious articles.

Educational blog 

An educational blog is a blog that contains opinions about education or a blog belonging to an educational institution.

Blog Instructions (directory)

A how-to blog is a blog that contains a collection of instructions or tutorials.

Business blog 

A business blog is a blog that contains information and references about online and online businesses, information about business opportunities, currency exchange rates, and business investment.

Disruptive blogs (spam)

Spam blogs are annoying blogs, usually with viruses.

Blog mode 

A fashion blog contains the latest fashion developments, hairstyles, the latest clothing styles, etc.

3. Benefits of blogging

The benefits of creating a blog on the Internet are not only for a hobby. You can also create a blog for internet business purposes. By creating a blog on the Internet, you can:

  • How to get influence online
  • Blogs can be a tool for internet business or online business
  • Getting clients and business relations around the world
  • Make you a better writer
  • Get fast feedback
  • Improve your writing skills or skills
  • blogging can be an online tool marketing
  • Helps solve other people’s problems
  • Blogs build trust online
  • Build your portfolio on the Internet

4. Glossary in the blogging world

If you are starting in a blog, you may not be familiar with many of the terms you have just heard or read on the Internet. This blogging term will help you, especially if you are a beginner looking to make money blogging.

  • The CMS platform is a software program that allows users to add content to a website.
  • The domain is your address or identity on the Internet.
  • Hosting is a place for storing your data on the Internet.
  • A blog theme is a blog design or template.
  • A blog is one part of the website.
  • A blogger Is a person who writes a blog.
  • Blogging is the activity of writing blogs.
  • An XML Sitemap is an archive that you can use to publish a list of links from your entire site.
  • Trolls are people who give negative or rude comments on your blog.

Blogging platform

To write your articles on the Internet, you need a platform or a tool to publish your content on the Internet. Both free and paid. To make money from blogging, generally, most people choose a blogger or WordPress platform to monetize. Here’s the explanation:


Blogger is a product of the blogging platform owned by Google. Because of this, Blogspot has features that come pre-installed with Google applications or services. Blogger users can at least benefit from the Adsense, Adwords, and Google Analytics features.

2. is a type of CMS or platform, which you can use for blogging. By using WordPress, you can fully control the appearance and functionality of your blog site.

How to make money blogging

At this stage, we will begin to learn how to make money blogging at home. If you are inconsistent and work hard, you will find it challenging to make money. You have to maintain your blog, and you have to work hard to update the content on the blog.

You have to plan your blog’s goals from scratch, make your goals clear so you can focus on your blog, and make money from your blog.

Over time, many people blog to join a blog or to entertain, both actively and passively. Of course, visitors have a great demand for active blogs, which means that the potential to make money from blogs is enormous.

Here are some ways to make money from a blog that you can try:

1. Affiliate programs

Joining an affiliate program is a way to make money from a blog. Some people won’t bother making the product. Don’t want to interfere with payments, interfere with effects, etc.

Affiliate marketing can be an attractive option for making money blogging. You have to choose the affiliate product you want to sell.

Then, link the affiliate link on your blog page. When visitors buy products from your link, you will get a commission. You can earn a certain percentage of affiliate marketing commission on the price of the product.

For the record, Affiliate programs that you follow must match the blog theme. For example, suppose your blog’s niche is internet marketing. Then your blog should be the same as the internet marketing topic.

You can start promoting affiliate products in two ways. First, join the affiliate program network community. Second, find a marketing plan for your affiliate product immediately.

Here are some examples of popular affiliate programs that you can join:

  • Amazon  (physical product)
  • Clickbank  (digital product)
  • WarriorPlus  (internet marketing product)
  • JVZoo  (internet marketing product)
  • ShareASale  (various products and services)
  • CJ  (many products and services)
  • Rakuten Linkshare  (range of products and services)
  • Envato  (products for web developers and graphic designers)

High-quality affiliate membership products that you properly promote will get higher conversion rates. Compared to advertising, the advantage of promoting affiliate products through a blog is that it doesn’t damage the site’s appearance, and you get a higher commission.

2. Direct Advertising

Providing Direct advertising to potential advertisers is a great way to make money blogging. This method’s advantage is that your blog’s income can be higher. When you place ads on your blog, you are not going through a third-party intermediary.

A blog that makes money should be a high traffic blog. If your blog is full of visitors, advertisers will come to you too. You can set up ad slots or ad slots on your blog for advertisers, and you can rent them out every month. You can get a sizable income from this ad space.

Of course, you have to be wise in choosing the advertising products you want to publish on your blog. Choose a product that matches your blog’s theme or is related to your blog’s content.

If your blog is about Internet marketing, choose products related to that market segment. Avoid ads as opposed to the blog niche as they confuse visitors. Don’t let your advert become distracting and confusing to visitors, and this will reduce your traffic.

3. Selling your product your own

You can sell services or products to make money blogging. here are some things you can do in selling your products on the Internet:

Selling services

  • Logo design services
  • Design template services
  • Article writing services
  • creating social media designs
  • making promotional videos
  • business consulting

Selling products

  • making ebooks
  • making tutorial videos
  • website templates
  • making plugins WordPress
  • Creating a podcast

You can sell your other products on your blog. According to your interests or hobbies, make products according to your interests or give more value than the product you are selling. And customize the products you deal with the theme of your blog. 

4. Product Review

Review or paid posting is a monetization method to make money blogging by commenting on people’s products or services on your blog. If it’s direct advertising, then the ad’s form is in the form of an ad banner, and paid ad reviews prevent the publication of comments.

The activity of writing articles about product reviews is also known as “paid reviews.” Many people want their business to appear on other people’s blogs. Remuneration for review articles is usually $ 5 to $ 10, which depends on our negotiations.

It’s not easy to get advertisers to pay for review articles. Advertisers usually contact you via email. If you don’t have advertisers, you can register as a publisher on IDblognetwork.

Some bloggers generally get jobs to write review articles from IDblognetwork. Usually, advertisers are willing to pay dearly for publisher items.

Example of paid review: Today, we often have blogs about cosmetics and how to dress up. Many cosmetic brands who want to launch their newest products ask bloggers about cosmetic-related product reviews. Usually, sample product packages are sent directly to the blog for consideration.

5. CPA Marketing

CPA It is a company that pays you based on the payment method specified by the operator/service provider. Due to high average commissions, CPA marketing is the best and wise way to make money online. You can take further action.

This action is like:

  • Fill out the product registration form.
  • Register your email address
  • Provide credit card information
  • Download files
  • Subscribe to a service
  • Survey content
  • Install software/applications (often called CPI – Cost per Install)

In CPA marketing, you will “persuade” visitors to take the above actions on your site/product / certain services. Every time a visitor takes a dubious “action,” in other words, you persuade the visitor, you earn a commission.

The commission you earn from CPA ranges from $ 0.01 to $ 50 or more. The more complex the action required, the higher the commission. For example, email registration is one of the easiest methods to earn less commission than credit card information or filling out survey forms.

CPA marketing requires optimization. The main task of the CPA marketer is to promote offers and optimize promotional activity. To always get the best results, you need to keep optimizing your blog.

The CPA process consists of three main elements: advertising, landing pages, and citations. Each of the three elements must be optimized, along with the improvement process. If you don’t use paid traffic, you don’t have to worry about ad optimization.

6. Become a Google Adsense Publisher

Google Adsense is an advertising network that connects advertisers, blog owners, and visitors. If you want to make money blogging, you’ll need to sign up for the Google AdSense ad network program. After that, you will get an ad code, which you need to embed on your blog.

Generally, every time someone clicks on an ad on your blog or commonly called PPC (Pay Per Click), you get income from people who click on it. To become a publisher and make money and make money with Google Adsense, you need to have a blogging website with enough traffic.

Publishers earn revenue by clicking on Adsense ads virtually on your website or blog. Still, it would help if you didn’t even consider clicking on your ads, as Google Adsense prohibits this.

7. Membership

Package Membership package is a program where you can provide advanced content on your blog. Only existing users can pay a certain amount of money to access this advanced content – usually monthly and yearly memberships.

You provide special features and access to blog members. Facts have proven that membership programs can effectively make money blogging.

8. Private Label Right (PLR)

PLR stands for Private Label Rights. PLR products cover many things (only for digital products), such as articles, ebooks, software, graphics, templates, etc. 

For those who want to sell digital works without creating your own, PLR is the smart way for you if you’re going to have an internet business.

If you buy PLR products, you can change the book. You can edit the name of the author without violating copyright. However, it depends on the permission given by the PLR ​​product owner.

With PLR products, you can:

  • Sell ​​PLR products on your behalf.
  • Edit, update, and even operate.
  • Resell and get 100% profit.
  • You don’t have to bother creating product content from scratch.
  • The landing page and download area are readily available.
  • Because you only need to download, edit, upload, and sell.
  • And much more.

By purchasing a PLR product, you can deliver the work on your behalf, and the COMMISSION is 100% yours.

9. Selling a Blog

You may be asking why by selling a blog you already manage. Yes, because this is probably the last option you can do. If you find it challenging to make money blogging, selling your blog is the way to go.

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Usually, people choose to sell their blogs because they have enough blogs and not enough time and energy to take care of each blog. Now, for blogs that cannot be maintained anymore, this is for sale. If you can find potential buyers, you will usually get an attractive price.


That’s how to make money from blogging, which you can try yourself. Choose what you like about your hobby. That way, your internet business will feel lighter. If this is useful, please share it on your social media so that other people can also feel it.

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