The Secret Key to Making Money From Blogs

Have you often heard that blogs can make money? Yes, you heard right that blogs could make money. Is making money blogging as easy as it sounds? Certainly not. You must know how to properly manage a blog so that it generates income for you. If, in the previous article, you knew Make Money Blogging Only In Your Home.

So it’s not complete if you don’t know the key to making money through blogs. Here are the keys to success that you must master:

1. Quality content

Content is king. The phrase is most potent in the internet marketing world. All blog masters rely on the content on their blogs. In general, internet users are looking for information in cyberspace. If your blog can provide the information they are looking for, and they need, of course, your blog will quickly grow and develop.

Some of the things you can do:

  • Create quality content, which makes people want to visit your blog
  • Turn hobbies, talents, and skills into the information your readers need. Search for keywords from the topic you are good at, do keyword research.
  • Backlinks. Backlinks are links from other blogs/sites that point to your blog. You can exchange links or create excellent and useful content to recommend your blog through backlinks on their blogs, or by visiting other blogs that still have content related to your blog by filling in comments and link links in them. Create a lot of content so that the blog is keyword rich

2. Visitor traffic

The next key is traffic or the number of visitors. A good blog is a blog that has high traffic. There are two traffic blogs, namely:

  1. Free Traffic This traffic generally comes from search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing), social media, social bookmarking, and forums.
  2. Paid / Premium Traffic, Generally this traffic comes from advertisements that you place on third parties such as Adword ads, Facebook ads, etc.

The choice is yours to get free or paid traffic. If you pay, you’ll need to prepare a budget for advertising.

You can also take advantage of free traffic by:

  • submit your blog to search engines/search engines;
  • Share content with social media. This method is quite effective in increasing your blog visitors;
  • OnPage SEO Optimization
  • Build Backlinks
  • Free promotion: comment on other blogs, take advantage of the RSS service, take advantage of the signature feature on well-known forum portals, etc.

3. Effective Communication

Building an internet business is the same as making a network and communications. Your blog should be friendly enough to visitors by creating effective communication and providing excellent service.

Also, Read:

Build two-way communication with your blog visitors, immediately reply to comments and responses given by visitors to your posts so that they feel appreciated.

You can also provide exceptional services to visitors, such as giving away free e-books, free video tutorials, discount coupons, etc.

4. Monetize blogs

The last key is to monetize your blog. Which makes your blog monetize. There are two blogs, namely:

  1. Monetize Direct is a step taken to take advantage of monetization programs such as Google Adsense, Local PPC advertising, Affiliate Programs, or writing reviews on affiliate programs.
  2. Monetization is indirect, usually done using your blog to offer the goods and services you offer. This monetization can be in website creation services, SEO services, selling e-books, etc.

When the blog you create is ready to be monetized, that’s when your blog will start generating revenue for you.


Those are some of the secrets to making money from blogs that you can apply to your blog. Give more value to the content or products that you create. Don’t forget to keep visiting our blog site at to get the latest updates. It may be useful.

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