10 Steps to Promote Blogs and Increase Traffic

This step allows him to reach potential readers according to his interests. Before promoting your post, make sure you join a group with a relationship with the blog’s topic and Content. This is done to facilitate traceability and broaden performance.

5. Collaborating with Other Bloggers

You need to knit good relationships with bloggers, to make cooperation in creating or sharing Content via links.

Collaborating with other blogs brings benefits to both parties. This is because it gets awesome Content to write about and increases blog visitors’ traffic after collaboration.

6. Change Blog Content to YouTube Videos

Steps to promote your blog and increase the traffic the next is to modify your blog’s Content to be very interesting.

Among them by changing the post to become a video then uploading it on YouTube. This can be done because it is considered sufficient to attract some social media users.

Before you turn it into a video, you should choose the post that has the most excellent quality. Content on the Youtube site is increasingly easier to rank on Google than on the new web and gets traffic from crawler engines.

7. Super Individual Outreach

Unless you share Content on social media, you have to knit one individual thread with several readers.

This can be done by email or commonly referred to by email marketing. This outreach research found that 32% of messages received a reply.

Contacting visitors via email is thought to be more efficient than sharing on social media.

To give blog readers the confidence to share their email addresses, you can add a subscribe button and market restricted Content such as infographics or free e-books.

8. Leaving Useful Feedback on Other Blogs

This seems pretty straightforward but makes a significant impact. This needs some novice bloggers to do, to help introduce their posts to someone and leave a positive impression on the blogs they respond to.

Giving positive responses to someone can bring traffic in 2 steps. First, you can knit a great relationship with the blog owner. Second, it can also confer with other visitors in response.

9. Attractive Media Images

The distinctiveness of content appearance has a significant impact. Before publishing on social media, you should promote your blog by making images very attractive.