5 Psychological Tricks To Attract Buyers In Online Stores

Do you feel that your online store website has a lot of visits, but only a few sales conversions? This means that many people have just seen and haven’t decided to buy it. What happened? Try making these small changes to your online shop website and see how your online store’s sales turnover will increase dramatically.

Here are five psychological tricks to increase the sales turnover of your online store:

1. Contrast Effect

If you manage to get the attention of visitors to your online store, then you have a good chance of turning them into sales. Use this contrast effect psychological trick to increase sales in your online store. Some of the contrasting effects that you can apply to online shop sites:

Displaying product images is more extensive than any other product image.

For example, if you are creating a banner for your online store website using lots of product photos, pay attention to what the flag is in focus. You can emphasize the shape or size of the image.

Distinguish the nominal colour from the regular price of the product.

You can cross out everyday prices, use black, and for product discount prices you can use red. Psychologically, red will attract the attention of visitors. This contrast with red emphasizes the difference between a higher regular price and a lower discounted price.

2. The Herd Mentality

In the modern era, the herd mentality influences the behaviour of those around him. That’s why you often find that people buy things they sometimes don’t need, but because so many people buy them, they buy them too. Yes, especially women, there is always a reason to spend. Take advantage of this behavioural psychology in your online shop.

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Take full advantage of the herd behaviour at online stores and take a look at e-commerce websites. Typically, you’ll find a dedicated area to show “recommended products”, “top-bought products”, “related products”, “best sellers”, or “reviews.” Be it the side, middle, or bottom of the website. Yes, this is a psychological trick that shows that a lot of people are using it. Visitors will also be interested in buying the products that you offer in the area.

3. New Products

The word “NEW” has a strong enough magnet to attract customers to your online store. Therefore, you often find online store websites that post unique pages for NEW ARRIVAL PRODUCTS or NEWS. Psychologically, this indicates that your online store is always updating the latest products, meaning that your online store website is not out of date.

4. The paradox of choice

Provide fewer options on one page. Too many of you display on your online shop page, your visitors will experience fatigue from seeing each other. And it looks like your online shop looks complicated.

For example, suppose you display 6-12 products on 1 page; This is better than showing 24-48 products on 1 page, especially small images. The less effect you reveal, the more visitors will pay attention to each item you offer.

5. Product scarcity

Scarcity of products makes people psychologically afraid of missing the opportunity to own the product. You can use this scarcity trick by:

  • Include the number of product stocks that are still there
  • Limited product sales
  • Limited design
  • Only one pc per design

Without realizing it, people will compete to buy your products in your online store. The bottom line is you have to be honest with your customers. Don’t put a small amount of product stock, even though your product stock is a lot. It’s not fair to deceive your customers.


Those are some psychological tricks that you can apply to your online store. Use the psychological tricks above wisely. And remember, you have to be honest. There may be many other psychological tricks, so follow our site at DailyDollarz.com for the latest updates. May be useful.

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