6 Strategies to Create a Successful Online Store

Creating an online shop is familiar in this modern era. By creating an online store, The profits you get can be considerable because of the broad market reach. It can even be more economical for the capital. Because you can run it without a real shop, so you can save on storage rental costs. Like a real shop, an online shop is a place where you can display your products on the internet.

So how do you succeed in running an online store? Here are 6 Strategies to Create a Successful Online Store: Online Store

Design and Features

Creating an online shop can use various methods, including software such as OpenCart, Prestashop, VirtueMart, etc. Apart from software, you can use free blogging services such as Blogger, WordPress, etc. Or for those of you who don’t want the hassle of creating an online store, you can use the Shopify service, and of course, it’s not free.

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Whatever your choice of way of creating an online store, all you need to pay attention to attract visitors is the design and features of your online store. The system has a significant impact on sales results. Make your online shop as beautiful and comfortable as possible to visit. The arrangement of the features is pleasing to the eye so that visitors can linger in your online shop. You can perform the following tips:

  • Choose a responsive and professional online store template.
  • Pay attention to the color combination.
  • Pay attention to the product display arrangement you offer
  • Provide complete information about your product
  • Combine supporting features such as navigation, slideshows, banners, etc.
  • Clarity of shopping, payment methods, and delivery method
  • Transparent contact widget to make it easier for buyers to contact you

Customer Service

Customer Service is needed to make it easier for your customers to ask you about various things related to your online store’s products and services. For your online shop, you should explain your online store opening times and hours so that customers do not contact you outside these opening hours. Some important things:

  • Quick response to messages from your customers
  • Receive advice and input from your customers
  • Saying ‘thank you for contacting us’ before replying to a letter from the customer
  • Apologize if things happen that are not desirable, although not a mistake you like late packets until at address aim.

Product photos Attractive and quality

Quality product photos are the key to your success in selling your products. Here are the tips:

  • Photo quality must be good or not broken.
  • Give the photo display with accurate color, do not edit too much. It can be a little watermark to make it more attractive. However, as long as the photo color and the original color do not change too much. Because sometimes, the color of the photo is darker or lighter than the actual color. Often customers are a little disappointed because the colors are not exactly what they imagined.
  • Complete the product photo from all sides (front view, rear view, and side view).
  • Before uploading pictures, compress them first so that they are not slow when loading.

Build a Reseller System

Resellers Are people who help sell your products by benefiting from the discounts you provide. Resellers can boost your sales. Your profit per item is less, but in terms of quantity, The product you sell can be a lot more.

To be sure, make the reseller terms clear and mutually beneficial to both parties. For example, you give a minimum order limit, or you can decide to accept drop shipping or not, etc.

Learn Internet Marketing SEO

Why do you need to learn SEO? Because 90% of visitors come from search engines. At least you have to understand about SEO because it has enormous benefits to increase the ranking of your online store on search engines.

Make the most of social media

You can take advantage of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, path, etc. to promote your product and direct your visitors to your online store.


Those are the strategy tips for creating an online store that can have a positive impact on your online store. Good luck.

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