12 Keys to Successful Online Stores

Opening an online store is easy, but creating a successful online shop is not as easy as one might imagine. Running your online shop business requires commitment, patience, and hard work.

Here are 12 keys to a successful online store to get great results:

1. Quality products

The first thing you should pay attention to is selling quality products. Do not sell products that are of no value or benefit. Buyers will hurt your online store later, and even your buyers can personally attack you. So think again!

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2. Quality product photos

Your product photos must be authentic and of high quality. Don’t take product photos from google, or take pictures of other people. Make the product photo display as attractive as possible. If you sell fashion products, you can display photos of your products with mannequins, or if your business is growing enough, you can use the services of models and photographers.

Pay attention to the quality of your online shop product photos as well. Don’t take pictures too small, let alone spoil the image. Photos should be enough to grab the attention and interest of your potential customers. If necessary, you can display product images from the front, side, and back.

3. Complete Product Information

Provide information about your product as ultimately as possible, both in terms of material, size, color, and other details. The more complete, the better. So that your prospective customers don’t need to ask again, because the information is quite comprehensive. If necessary, also display your customer testimonials so that it is more attractive to be noticed and trusted by other customers.

4. Give your online shop Contact

Give your online shop contact as much as possible. You can provide your mobile number, WhatsApp number, email address, Facebook account, or other social media accounts. You can place them on the top menu bar, footer menu, and account pages.

If you have an exact and registered business, you must register your business address on Google My Business. It will help you better to grow your online shop business.

5. Quick response

When your prospective buyers contact you by phone, WhatsApp, or Email, don’t delay responding to your buyers. Immediately give a quick response if your customer service conditions are not busy. Provide a maximum of 10 minutes of response from your buyer contact. The sooner, the better.

6. Response of prospective buyers even though it is too late

Even though your response is too late, try to respond to your buyers. Please don’t ignore it completely. If your buyers miss it, it will give a negative impression. And potential customers will hesitate to order.

7. Have multiple bank accounts

Provide many alternative bank accounts for transfer payments. It can make things easier for your buyers. If you create an online shop with an international target market, use an outside international payment method. You can use credit cards, PayPal, and other widely used payment methods.

8. Give assurance and obey

Transparency regarding the stock of goods that you sell, when they will be available, and when they arrive in their hands is highly expected by your customers. Don’t mess with your customers with uncertain information. Much less make promises that are impossible to keep. Provide the delivery receipt number so that the customer can check the position of the shipment.

9. Clear purchase instructions

Every online store has a different way of buying. Establish clear ordering procedures so that the customer is more comfortable to order. Create a purchase instruction page on the inquiry page, or you can provide a purchase flow notification when they register on your online store.

10. Detailed product prices and postage

Give details of the price of goods and shipping costs. Don’t harm either party. If you charge tax on your online shop, enter what percentage of your tax is when the buyer makes a payment, or you can also tell your buyer on the inquiry page.

11. Update products regularly

Be diligent in regularly updating products. The more often you do product updates, this shows that your online store is active, and your buyers will be happy to revisit your online store.

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12. Friendly online shop theme display

Design and navigation The design and navigation of your website make your potential customers feel at home. Also, pay attention to the ease of accessing your online store website. If necessary, you can prepare a mobile version for your online shop website to attract customers from cellphone users. You can use premium online shop themes to get more features.


Those are some essential success tips for making a successful online store; now, you can create an online store that attracts the attention of your buyers. Keep on visiting DailyDollarz.com for the latest tips. Good luck!…

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