Why is the online shop empty of visitors?

Do you feel that side is your online shop empty of visitors? Even though you have tried various ways, like in my previous post, 6 Strategies to Make a Successful Online Store? But your online shop has no visitors coming? Try to look at some of these reasons why it happened. Maybe for the following ten reasons.

The reason why your online shop is empty of visitors:

The online store website is taking too long to load

Most potential customers or visitors are lazy to wait for longer websites to load. Even though the products in your online shop are high quality and attractive, but your online shop site takes a long time to load, visitors will immediately leave your site and switch to other sites selling similar products.

The navigation process is complicated and lengthy.

The complicated and lengthy navigation process will also cause visitors to leave your online shop site, as it will confuse them. Create a straightforward and easy navigation system so that visitors can find the desired products and information.

Errors in typing and spelling

Sometimes this is a fundamental mistake, but it can be fatal. If your visitors didn’t trust you in the first place, no one would buy. For example, you might make typing and spelling mistakes or other underlying problems on a product page or product description that reduces credibility. So, always check the details of all your online store site content.

The product description is too short

Customers need a clear description of the product you are selling. Create a product description that your customers might ask, such as product name, product description, product features, or product benefits. 

Low Image Quality

Low image quality dramatically affects the decrease in the number of visitors to your online shop website. Images that are too small, blurry, and broken are not very popular with visitors. Use quality product images of your online shop. If necessary, Customers can enlarge product photos in the online shop. That way, visitors can more easily see detailed pictures of the products you sell.

Excessive video or music sound

If you use excessive auto-playing music video or sound plugins, it can annoy your online shop visitors. And can make your online shop page load longer.

No Product Reviews

If you are selling products online and your visitors are unsure, that’s perfectly normal. Because online customers are more careful when they want to buy products online, since they can’t directly touch the product you are selling, they are looking for ways to get more information to dispel their doubts. One way to remove their doubts, you can display reviews of people who have bought your product.

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The fewer product reviews on your online store, the more visitors will be suspicious and doubtful about your product. You can get suggestions from your customers, which can convince your potential customers to take action.

Product price comparison

Today’s online shoppers can quickly look for other websites to compare prices. Visitors are always looking for the product with the best offer. It is different if the product you are selling is limited and has a unique design. This way, you can control the selling price of the product.

No Coupons or Discount Promos

Customers love promotions. If they can’t find any promotional coupons or discounts in the online store, they can leave your online shop site and shop elsewhere that offer great deals or discounts.

Payment Process Too Complicated

When a customer wants to pay, but the process is too long and complicated, this will make the buyer uncomfortable, and they can cancel the product purchase. Make your online shop payment process easy for buyers to understand.


Those are some possible reasons why your online shop is empty of visitors. There could be many other reasons why your online store is not having visitors. Therefore, please stay tuned to our website for more tips. It may be useful.

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